When technology and networking meet – the GeoBiz App!

When technology and networking meet – the GeoBiz App!

Written by Arfan on August 14, 2017

Networking is a vital tool to help businesses to grow. Networking involves putting yourself out into the industry to meet and get to know people who can be of value to you and your business. Different to selling, networking focusses on creating connections and forging long-lasting relationships with like-minded people which can be mutually beneficial.

Networking gives you the opportunity to really sell yourself, make new connections, keep up to date with industry news, keep an eye on competition and – importantly – meet new customers.

Human to human connections are the most valuable way of communicating with the industry and has been vastly changed by technology. Previously we relied on business cards and a great first impression to make business connections, but now all information is available in advance online. This might lead you to believe networking is redundant and has been replaced by good digital marketing, but in fact, the two can go hand in hand. Technology has changed connections, not replaced it.

In a world where we rely on streaming, instant downloads, 300mb broadband and under-30-minute food delivery, we’ve gotten used to having what we need at our fingertips – so why should networking be any different?

The GeoBiz app opens up a world of business connections that you may not even know was there. Using revolutionary technology and unique algorithm, the GeoBiz app considers your location and business type to identify nearby leads and valuable connections – wherever you are in the world.

Not only does GeoBiz make it easier to make connections, but it also makes those connections worthwhile. While organic connections are likely, for example just going to speak with someone at an event, there’s no guarantee the other person will be open to making a connection. However those using the app are openly looking to network and therefore your efforts will be more successful.

People feel comfortable working with people, not faceless somebodies to-ing and fro-ing on email. By spending the time meeting people your connections have so much more value and will significantly improve the chance of leading to a sale.

Leanr more about GeoBiz App with us today to see how you can get known in unknown markets.