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The story behind GeoBiz App

The story behind GeoBiz App

Written by Arfan on May 22, 2017

A few years ago I was the Head of Global Advertising for a large very well know metal manufacturing industry magazine. It was a job which I absolutely adored, travelling from one country to the next finding new customers to sell to, building long term meaningful business relationships with those customers.

I was always on the hunt for the next opportunity for the business. Being a salesman is something that just came naturally to me, and we all know to be a good salesman you need to always feed your pipeline with new opportunities. Otherwise, you starve and the business dies. You just can’t rely the customers, which you have always dealt with. I guess these days it is termed by the recruitment industry as being a ‘hunter’.

One year ago, I attended a customer’s 50th anniversary in Turkey; they had invited over myself, other media people and journalists to showcase their new laser machine. We had a fantastic and lavish evening which was a great way to celebrate their anniversary!

I remember landing in the evening with my presentation in the following morning. The next morning came, I remember waking up early, sharply dressed as always.  We got into the coach which then took us to their factory. We turned into the road and low and behold, four of their competitors were in the same business park, and some of these companies were a lot larger than they were.

Naturally at this point my ‘hunter’ instincts kicked in, I could be selling to all of these companies but I’d just never heard of them, or even setting up a meeting with them in the short time that I was there. More importantly they needed me to promote themselves to our global readership and grow their business too.

Surely there should be an app on your phone to try and connect with people in these companies? Sure, I could ‘Google them’ to make contact when I’m back, but I really wanted to meet these people face to face. I was only there for another 12 hours and there was no possible way that I could set up a meeting in that space of time by calling them. I didn’t even know when the next time I’d be back in Turkey. It was certain not to be for a few months. By that time they may have missed the opportunities I had a to offer. It was a loss for the both of us.

This for a lot of travelling business people is far too common of an occurrence, it would happen to me in lots of times.

There had to be a better way of doing this!

It was round this time I was a single man using a very popular dating app which uses your location to match you with potential people you may be interested in.

That’s when my eureka moment came to me. Why not use this model but just change the application to make it more useful to business. After all, the only thing they are doing is matching people based on their interests.

That’s the story so far!

More to come on how I went about creating the app so stay tuned.